Collaboration with coffee roasters Sensory Lab

It has been great to collaborate with speciality coffee roasters Sensory Lab - discussing what style, what glaze, and what colour of cup would suit their special coffee blends. In the end we decided on two styles - one darker stoneware mug with a clear grey glaze and one lighter stoneware mug with a creamy satin glaze which is pictured below

Photo courtesy Sensory Lab

Photo courtesy Sensory Lab

Bluestone Collection Acquisition

Winter, Skipton,  2016, Porcelain

Winter, Skipton, 2016, Porcelain

Very pleased that this work has been acquired by the Bluestone Collection from the recent exhibition 'New Primitives' at Stockroom Gallery, Victoria. Curator Magali Gentric selected 12 Australian artists whose work featured 'a renewed engagement with primitivism in contemporary ceramics'. Other artists: Sharon Alpren, Irene Grishin-Selzer, Kim Jaeger, Kate Jones, Tessy M King, Vanessa Lucas, Tai Snaith, Petrus Spronk, Dawn Vachon, Alicia Van Rhijn, Andrei Davidoff