TACA Board Appointment

I am thrilled and delighted to be joining The Australian Ceramics Association Board as a director. For me, the Australian Ceramics Association has provided a really vital way to be part of the broader ceramics community through its newsletter, magazine, workshops, talks, triennales and open studios. . In each instance I have been enriched and challenged by new ways of thinking and making, forging new connections and expanding my horizons far beyond my studio. In my new role I look forward to supporting potters around the country and raising the profile of ceramics. 

Clunes Ceramic Award 2019

Pitted papery surfaces, forest silhouettes captured in dense pencil, protruding branches – these elements distil my memories of a summer spent in the forests of Finland. These hand built porcelain vessels with their graphic, cartoon-like imagery is a tangible expression of my time there and I am very happy they have been selected for this years Clunes Ceramic Award.

Clunes entry for website.jpg

Dinner Set Commission

For part of this year I have been busy making a commission for a dinner set for a private client. We collaborated on the design - discussing the look and feel of the pieces and how each piece would work individually and as a set. The result was a mix of carved textured surfaces exploiting the qualities of different clays and different glazes. The commission is now finished - shown here is a selection of pieces.


Feature Journal of Australian Ceramics


Writer and artist Roisin O'Dwyer has written an illuminating piece about the impact of 'place' on my ceramic practice, focussing on the changes to my work following my residency in Finland. The article is featured in the Journal of Australian Ceramics, July 2018.

Finding Places

I'm excited to be giving a talk about my residency in Finland tonight at the launch of the July issue of the Australian Journal of Ceramics. The issue is about 'exploring place' and there is a feature about my residency and the exhibition 'Into the woods' that arose out of it. There will also be a panel discussion with fellow ceramicists Kate Jones and Andrei Davidoff. Looking forward to it!


Now stocking at Koskela!

bigdotvase dahlia web.jpg

Very happy to have my retail work now available from iconic Sydney design store Koskela. They sell Australia’s largest range of Australian made and ethically produced homewares, furniture, lighting and art. I am pleased to be a part of it.

Winner, Klytie Pate Ceramic Award

I am thrilled to have won the Klytie Pate Ceramic Award for 2018 for my work, Midnight Sun, FiskarsDirector of Geelong Art Gallery, Jason Smith, awarded the main prize making the following comments: 
"The evocation of the Finnish forests is potent in two quite differently worked and glazed surfaces. The scale of the vessels seems to echo the trunk or main branch of a tree, so for me there was a strong resolution between the formal and conceptual integrity of these works. They have great presence and kept drawing me back."

Midnight Sun, Fiskars

Midnight Sun, Fiskars

'Into the woods', Mr Kitly

INTO THE WOODS_web poster 500w_green.jpeg

Into the woods arises out of a summer residency spent deep in the forests of Finland. Pattern, line and texture embedded themselves in how I saw this very different northern hemisphere forest. I did drawings and took many photos as my way of connecting to this unfamiliar landscape. The memories of this time slowly made their way into these works.

Klytie Pate Ceramics Award 2018

This work is a finalist in the upcoming Klytie Pate Award - opening March 6 and on until March 14 - in Mansfield, Victoria. These hand built porcelain vessels reference a particular place and time; a forest in Fiskars, in Finland, in June, when the sun never really sets.

Midnight Sun, Finland

Midnight Sun, Finland

Collective Popup Show @slowclay

Very happy to be included in the splendid annual show at Slow Clay. 30 local Melbourne artists beautifully showcased by @janesawyer1 and @sabri.talarico. My two pencil porcelain vessels can be spotted in the left hand corner. For those of you in Melbourne head to 13 Keele st, Collingwood, 11am-6pm, till Dec 17.


Green Magazine

Was delighted to see my black clay vessels featured in the current issue of Green Magazine. It is one of my favourite journals and I regularly drool over the innovative sustainable homes they feature. The magazine encompasses much that I hold dear -  materiality, light, gardens, smart design...

Fiskars, Finland,  2017

Fiskars, Finland, 2017

Clunes Ceramic Award 2017

These handbuilt porcelain vessels have been selected for this year's Clunes Ceramic Award. They were made after a residency I undertook at Fiskars, an artists collective village deep in the forests of Finland. I spent time observing and documenting the nearby woodland as my way of coming to terms with unfamiliar surroundings.  

Forest Walk.  2017

Forest Walk. 2017